Ferrari 308 GTS Old So Electric Car, Want?

In the future electric cars predicted would be the main choice of automotive lovers of the world. But it will not apply to the Ferrari 308 GTS born in 1976. How not this Ferrari is now equipped with an electric motor.

As reported by motor1, Saturday (13/1/2018), although not throw away his trademarks while maintaining his old design, can be ascertained that Ferrari GTS has thrown away the V8 engine that has been traveling since 42 years ago.

To be able to replace the performance of the V8 engine, Ferrari GTS is choosing to carry three electric motors HPEVS AC-51. This electric motor is mated to 4 47 kilowatts of electric battery, which is held by aluminum box and carbon fiber.

By maintaining the 5-speed transmission, Ferrari GTS 1976 is claimed to be able to reach top speed up to 185 miles / hour or can reach 297 km / hour.

To further support the journey to be more okay, various changes also made, began to adopt the suspension QA1 Coilers, Giro-disc racing brakes, LED lighting, 18-inch rim BBS Factory’s Ferrari 360, Euro-bumper Convertion.

The interior is also not free from changes, said Ferrari electric is now carrying the original black leather made in Italy, as well as insert a speedometer and tachometer that is specific to electric cars.

Well, for who wants this electric motor, to be patient for a while because this car will be auctioned at Barret-Jackson in Scottsdale, Ariz. Predicted this car will have a tag that is not cheap of course.